Things are going/running crazily well.


From now on I will blog in English and I am a little bit sorry for my german friends who have to look up some words.

Buuuut it is a perfect training for me to practice my English!

And there is another very beautiful reason:

After I introduced myself to the great: “Tucker Descendants” -Whatsapp Group
I got so warmly welcomed in this family circle that I really want to share ally my thoughts, plannings and emotions also with my Salonean Part of my family!!

It does make so much sense because for example Sister Kumba will visit Salone in December2018/January 2019 also for the first time!
Kumba is one of the admistrators of the Whatsapp group and is organizing Family meetings in the US.

I am so proud to be a part of the Tucker family.

One friend of mine, Nicole, said yesterday: “Wow Jerry, in your family is so much Power and now you can use it, you can feel it, it can flow in you!”

I am looking forward to meet as many Tuckers as possible in the next years.
And with Dad and family we will start in August in the US!

Some travel news from me and James&famiy
James&Family: 29.07.18 NYC – Maryland – Ohio – NYC – Hamburg 17.8.2018
Me: End of May Freetown, Mama Leone
Me: 29.07 NYC – Maryland – Ohio —–SF?—-NYC?—-???—- NYC- Hamburg 27.10.2018
Me : Sierra Leone from January 2019 to ????

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